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夢醒時分 The moment when dream is awakened...

夢醒時分 The moment when dream is awakened...

鄭丁賢 • 夢醒時分
2009-12-02 20:49

I wonder you feel the same as me, all the sudden I realized friends and relatives around me seems to get less and less.

Those years when the New Year drew near, all sorts of gathering appointments almost completely filled the diaries, but this year seems so quiet.

Even in nromal time, phone calls become less and less, face to face meet up also become much less.

也許,大家各忙各的;或者,目前流行 “ 宅生活 ” ,儘量避免出門。
Perhaps, everybody is busy with their own things, or perhaps, nowadays people prefer to stay in.

However, it is not entirely like this, thinking further, actually old friends and relatives are not around any more. God bless, they are still alive and well, they just left the country, Malaysia .

去了中國大陸開工廠;王子不做工程師,移民到澳洲開小食 檔;阿風離開本地大學,去香港做講師;青蛙去了台灣,開展事業第二春;還有的到了美國、英國,唔,還有去印尼的 …… 。
They have gone to China to set factory; ah Wang quit his engineer job and migrated to Australia to set up his little food store business, ah Fong left the local University went to Hong Kong as a lecturer. 'Frog' went to Taiwan to pursue his second career life. Others went to Americia , England, even Indonesia ...

At first, I thought these are individual cases, but gradually, people around me realized the same, these are not individual cases but a general symptoms of our society. they are not small numbers but the pretty big indeed.

外交部早前披露了一個數字, 說明這個現象是多麼真實,多麼貼近。
Department of Foreign Affairs released the figures earlier, it confirmed the situation is real .

從去年 3 月到今年 9 月,已經有 30 萬大馬人移民他國;其中 20 萬人是今年 1 月到 8 月出走的數目。
From March 2008 thru September 2009, a total of 300,000 Malaysian migrated to other countries, among them 200,000 left between Jan - Aug 2009. (in 8 months)

累積下來,已經有超過 200 萬大馬人移民,接近今天印尼外勞在大馬的人口。
Cummulatively, there are 2 million Malaysian migrated, this figure is close to the number of Indonesian workers in Malaysia today.

不同的是,移居他國的大馬人,多是專業人士、中 產階級。
The difference are, those migrated are mostly professional and middle class people.

他們有很多出走的理由,追求事業發展,為了孩子前途,尋找個人更大空間 …… ,概括一句:對馬來西亞失望。
They have many reasons to leave: pursue career development, for the future of their children, in search of better life and environment... In one sentence, they lost hope of Malaysia .

50 年前,大家 說,馬來西亞真好,好過香港,甚至日本。
50 years ago people said: Malaysia is very good, better than Hong Kong and even Japan .

30 年前,大家 說,馬來西亞還不錯,比得上韓國、台灣(不提香港和日本了)。
30 years ago people said: Malaysia is not bad, comparable to S. Korea and Taiwan . (No mention of Hong Kong and Japan any more).

20 年前,大家 說,馬來西亞還可以,至少超越中國、泰國(不能和台、韓比了)。
20 years ago people said: Malaysia can do la, at least better than China and Thailand (Cannot compare with Taiwan and Korea lah)

10 年前,大家 說,馬來西亞再差,還不至於像越南、 印尼(中國已是不同級別)。
10 years ago poeple said: No matter how bad Malaysia is, cannot be worse than Vietnam and Indonesia ko-ah. ( China is already in a different category).

Today, the economic growth rate of Vietnam and Indonesia already far exceeded Malaysia , Social activity and intellectual development of the country is also better, the gap between us and them is closing up.

Why worry? there are still Philipines , Cambodia and Myanmar behind us.

但是,一位經濟學家最近到菲律賓考察之後,認為再過 20 年,大馬可以取代菲律賓,出口馬籍女傭到全世界了。
However, according to an economist who recently surveyed Phillipines, he think in 20 years' time, Malaysia can replace Phillipines to become the World exporter of Malaysian maids.

半個世紀以來,馬來西亞是在大宅院裡,用封建方式,分配祖宗家業,消耗社會資源,浪費和逼走人才;不談競爭力,忽略生 產力,討厭績效制。
Over half the century, Malaysians live in the big old imperial housing complex, closed up and survive on properties left behind by the ancestor; continue to consume up social resources, wasteful, and drive away talents; they never talk about competitiveness, totally neglect productivity, and hate meritocracy.

When Asia economic storm hit in 1997, Malaysia closed their doors, thinking we beautifully avoided a disaster, there even think of themselves as genius, being able to handle the situation so well.

然而,其它國家面對風暴,走出風暴,進行體質改革,跨 步向前,登上 另一個水平;大馬卻還在原地踏 步 。
However, just look at other countries in our neighbourhood, they stand up, face the storm, and walk out of the storm. They overhaul the system, improve the processes and march forward, they moved up to a new level. And Malaysia , still walking on the spot.



Anonymous said...

Hi friend, my topic to you all is a bit different but I just want it to be heard.

WHY THE EDUC. dept wanted to go back to teach Science/Maths in BM and then to engage those foreigners like "ang moh" to teach English?

Is it that the locals who are still having a bit of BM if not least got credit in BM can take up such jobs?

Why the govt wants to deprive of own Msian citizens who r jobless and yet feed those foreigners ?

May all DAP leaders analyse such topic and old timers are out of use as they dont have Credit in BM

Those teaching English foreigners do they have CREDIT in BM as set by PSC??????????????????????????tq

Padungan Resident said...

Friend, your blog is dead lah!

And not evryone wants their info accessible to Facebook which you have to register.

SUPP is going the Malay area and voters in Padungan asking residents for the IC Nos.

You may well guess, what they're up to!

You might be well advised to get some workers going round with a lap top with mobile WAN or WiFi connection and help them get the details for Polling Day.

Of course there aren't many Malay voters in Padungan but with a 3-way fight you might want every vote!

Anonymous said...

you are right.

I am currently study as much as possible, saving as much as possible. The only reason is I want to leave MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mejjacorp said...


Do not compare Sarawak or Malaysia with other countries, because you won't understand.

The Indonesian chinese speaks Indonesian, the philipines chinese speaks tagalog and Thailand chinese all speak thais, but the malaysia chinese has the freedom to speak what they want.

So far, none of our town is hit by bombs, but look at Thailand, Philipines and Indonesia!

You talk about poor insfractructure in rural areas, may I ask how many kampungs and which kampung did you visited?

Do some homework before you enter dewan. Start with your own consituency first - check every buildings, every lorongs, every road, every business premises and get to know all the kapitans, penghulus, ketua kampungs, pemanca, councillors and associations. These are group of people that can give you a real feedback on the ground. Don't try to wonder out of your boundary yet.

Thank you.